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Membership Information
As stated on the main page, Boku-Tachi Anime Club is local and membership is by invite ONLY.
The reason for this is club screenings are held at members homes. We do not want any Joe Bloggs walking off the street and causing trouble. We consider this to be our right.
If you live within the Hobart or surrounding suburban area, (Tas. Australia) and would like some more information about joining, then by all means send us an e-mail. We'll see what we can do for you.

Screenings are free and run from 1 to 7pm on the first Saturday of every month, but occasionally we will ask for members to bring a couple of dollars to put towards lunch or afternoon tea. People are welcome to bring their own munchies, we just ask that you don't make a mess. ^^,
We will NOT provide food.
Exceptions to this are occasionally popcorn and drinks. (non-alchoholic)

For more information e-mail either:
Jayne Scott -
Therese Honner -