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Boku-Tachi Anime Club
23 December 2002:
Next screening 4 January 2003.
New titles in both the Video and Div X sections.

If you've just stumbled in here on a web-search and want to know what the hell Boku-Tachi Anime Club is... well I think the name kind a gives you a clue. It's a local Anime Club with members joining by invite only. Want more info? Check out the membership page.

Anything missing from here? I've been slack and forgotten to add something? Yell at one of us okay?
We're thinking about adding a 'links' page if members find interesting pages or have pages of their own and want people to know about them. Yay or nay? Tell us what you think on the mailing list or you can e-mail one of us.

[AKA - Hoowee]