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AFN Image Galleries

The Escaflowne gallery is split into three smaller sub-divisions.
The Movie Gallery contains images from scanned from the Newtype Escaflowne Artbook.
The Manga gallery is my pride and joy, colour scans from both the shoujo and shounen versions of the Escaflowne manga.
The Tv gallery is now open and slowly growing. It contains images from the tv series scanned from any available source.

Just remember...
All images archived here belong to their rightful owners.
(ie. Not Hoowee or Resie)

When updated, galleries will display * or Month 200_ below or next to link.

~ Hoowee

All images on these pages where scanned by either Hoowee or Resie which took a lot of time and effort, so please let us know if you would like to use any of them on your webpage.

JUNE 2002

~ Escaflowne Movie
~ Escaflowne Tv
Escaflowne Manga


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